ISU Breakfast seminar: Next step towards more equity in health

ISU Breakfast seminar: Next step towards more equity in health

Next step towards more equity in health

6 september kl. 07:4509:00

The Swedish Commission for Equity in Health has submitted the interim report: Next step towards more equity in health that was delivered to the Minister of Health Annika Strandhäll and Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson on June 2. At the ISU seminar the report will be presented by Anna Balkfors, member of the administrative office that has been working on the report since autumn 2015. To reduce health inequalities is one of our times most complex and challenging tasks. From this session you will get a good insight on the drivers behind health inequalities, the situation in Sweden and strategies on how to reduce health inequalities.

Anna Balkfors was previously working as main secretary for the Commission for a socially sustainable Malmö, with the purpose of submitting proposals to how the city of Malmö should operate towards reducing health inequalities in society. The commission’s work was cross sectoral and drew on experiences from both research and practices. In March 2013 the commission submitted the report: Malmö towards a sustainable future.

In addition to the seminar, we have invited a critical friend. A critical friend is a professional working within the same field as the keynote speaker with the mission to reflect upon the seminar and provide some further input from another point of view.

On September 6, the critical friend will be Margareta Rämgård, midwife, MSsc PhD in Human Geography/Health geography and senior lecturer in caring science at Malmö University.

The Seminar will start with breakfast followed by 20 minutes of lecture and critical input. The seminar ends with open discussion.

The ISU breakfast seminar is free of charge, but there is a no-show-fee of 350 sek if you fail to unregister your place later than 24 hours before the seminar.

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The Seminar will be held in English and is a side-event to The Conference