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Public health is generally good in Sweden, and the development overall is positive. Most people can expect to live both a longer and healthier life than in previous generations. However, there are still clear inequalities in health and longevity in Sweden, and the general improvements have been accompanied by growing gaps in life expectancy. At the moment, the remaining life expectancy at age 30 is five years shorter among women and men with a short education as compared to those women and men with a long education. Health inequalities between different socioeconomic groups are clear almost regardless of the health problem concerned. 

The Commission for Equity in Health is to submit proposals that can help to reduce health inequalities in society. The commission’s primary focus will be the health inequalities between various socioeconomic groups in society. The basis for the commission’s remit is the Government’s goal to close the avoidable health gaps within one generation.

In August the Commission submitted an interim report Det handlar om jämlik hälsa (SOU 2016:55). Below is a summary of the report presented by the Chairman Olle Lundberg in October at a Nordic-Baltic high level meeting on Health 2020 in Stockholm. See also PowerPoints from Olle's speech at the meeting.